Part 9 - Configure Second Node: oralin12


Change oralin12 Network Addresses

Start Only oralin12

Select "oralin12" and Click "Start"

Etablish a Connection

Launch PuTTY

As oralin12 is an oralin11 clone, and has still oralin11 IP Addresses, we have to connect with same parameters as oralin11.
This connection is referenced below as "[root@oralin11-12 ~]"

Select "oralin11", Click "Load" and Click "Open"

Prepare Network

Change Hostname

[root@oralin11-12 ~] 

sed -i 's/^HOSTNAME=oralin11/HOSTNAME=oralin12/' /etc/sysconfig/network

Change IP Addresses

[root@oralin11-12 ~] 

sed -i 's/^IPADDR=' /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
sed -i 's/^IPADDR=' /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1

Change Port Forwarding

Click "Network Adapters..."

Click "Port Forwarding"

Change rule to "ssh12, 5012,, 22" and Click "OK"

Restart oralin12

Stop oralin12

Click "Close Window", Click "Send the shutdown signal" and Click "OK"

Start oralin12

Select "oralin12" and Click "Start"

Etablish Connection to oralin12

Launch PuTTY

As we have changed oralin12 IP Address, we can now create a new session.
This connection is referenced as "[root@oralin12 ~]"

Enter "", Enter "5012", Enter "oralin12", Click "Save" and Click "Open"

Accept Security Alert