Part 3 - Installation of Openfiler

Click "Start"

Press "Enter" to install in graphical mode

Choose "Skip"

Click "Next"

Select your keyboard (e.g. "French (pc)") and Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Yes" (3 times)

Uncheck "sdb" & "sdc" and Click "Next"

Click "Yes"

Click "Next"

Click "Yes"

Select "eth0" and Click "Edit"

Uncheck "DHCP", Enter "" & "" and Click "OK"

Select "eth1" and Click "Edit"

Uncheck "DHCP", Check "Activate on boot", Enter "" & "" and Click "OK"

Enter "nas10.cluster" as Hostname, Enter "" & "" and Click "Next"

NB: If you want to use "" as DNS Server, you have to enable DNS Proxy or have to enter IP address of your DNS Server insteed of "" (see Enabling DNS proxy in NAT mode).

Select your time zone (e.g. "Europe/Paris"), Check "System clock uses UTC" and Click "Next"

Enter "tototo" (twice) as Root Password and Click "Next"


Click "Reboot"

Wait again...

Machine is up !

Click "Device", Select "CD/DVD Devices" and Select "Remove Disk"