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Why You’ll Want to Upgrade to ASE 15.7 ?

posted 8 Sep 2011, 22:14 by Fabien Reygrobellet   [ updated 13 Sep 2011, 12:35 ]

The features fit into a few broad categories:

1. Dealing with large data sets. This includes better management of large objects, as well as enhancements to operational, storage, and data management tasks. With the costs of today’s high-end SANs, data compression may pay for the whole project.

2. Performance and scalability. New features here include better management of dynamic queries (I know that one is going to make friends) as well as a variety of ways to compress data, and better kernel integration for parallel processing performance.

3. More ease of maintenance. ASE 15.7 supports fully recoverable DDL commands such as select into, alter table, and reorg rebuild. In addition, you can now shrink log space, diagnostic support has taken a major step forward, and alter table statements can now be performed without copying data (how about that for speed of internal application upgrades?).

4. Application and developer productivity, including a variety of transact-sql enhancements.

5. Security, including object ownership changing, login profiles, and single sign-on

Fabien Reygrobellet,
8 Sep 2011, 22:22