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New Features Bulletin Open Server™ 15.7 and SDK 15.7

posted 22 Sep 2011, 23:05 by Fabien Reygrobellet


- Unsupported platforms:
    Open Server and SDK do not support HP-UX PA-RISC and Mac OS.

- In Adaptive Server 15.7, the maximum offset of a variable-length column for a data-only-locked (DOL) row has been expanded to 32767 bytes, which allows an Adaptive Server configured with a logical-page size greater than 8K to support wide, variable-length, DOL rows.

- Bulk-Library and bcp handling of nonmaterialized columns
    Bulk-Library is enhanced to handle nonmaterialized columns in Adaptive Server 15.7. With this enhancement, you can only use Bulk-Library and bcp version 15.7 and later to bulk-copy-in data into Adaptive Server tables that are altered and contain nonmaterialized columns. Adaptive Server will raise an error when earlier versions of bcp are used to bulk-copy-in data into nonmaterialized columns.